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We are big players in recharge and financial industries. We provide services in Recharge Services, Utilities, Financial Services, Travel Services, Device Security and Ecommerce sectors.

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We offer the biggest multi-recharge platform in India. We are the largest eCommerce company that provides complete payment services for customers and merchants. We work in Prepaid & DTH Recharge, Postpaid payments, Electricity bill payments, Gas & insurance payments, Domestic & International Hotel booking, Domestic & International Flight booking, Bus booking, New PAN registration & edit, Mini ATM (M-Pos), AEPS services, and other related fields. We provide over 5000 customers with mobile payment solutions so they can make secure payments using their cards, bank accounts, and digital credit, among other sources. Our partners and investors have travelled throughout India. We work hard to uphold an open workplace environment where everyone takes initiative and feels free to voice their thoughts. We are working hard.


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We are provide all prepaid and DTH recharge with live response, you feel real speed with US.

Postpaid Mobile, Landline, Broadband, Electricity bill with BBPS, Insurance premium, and Water Bill Payment.

M POS (Mobile Point of Sale) 24x7 Fast services with maximum commission.

Pay all your bills online with the BBPS. Postpaid mobile, landline, electricity bill, and water bill payment.

All domestic Bus booking and All domestic & international Flight booking.

We are provide India largest E commerce market minimum price and maximum standard.


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We offer Permanent Account Numbers (PANs), which are used to identify various taxpayers across the nation. PAN is a special identification number given to Indians, primarily to those who pay taxes. Every Indian tax-paying entity is given a special identifying number via the computer-based PAN system of identification. By using this technique, a person's whole tax-related information is stored against a single PAN number, which serves as the main key for information storage. Since this is shared throughout the nation, no two individuals on tax-paying entities can have the same PAN. The concept behind PAN is comparable to that of the Social Security Number, or SSN, used in the United States. The SSN is a special nine-digit number used in the US.

The largest online bus booking service in India, with widespread Indian confidence. With over Bus tickets sold via the online, mobile devices, and our bus agents, and dominates the bus ticketing market.& runs on more than 8020 routes with reputable bus companies. It began selling its bus booking services in 2018, giving users access to all available travel alternatives on a single website. As everything linked to travel—including flights, vacation packages, train bookings, and auto rentals—was now available on this portal, it became the ultimate one-stop trip planner. Bus services are offered throughout all of India, and this portal has partnered with the country's top bus operators since it recognises the importance of this sector.



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This Portal is a best Multi Recharge Company In India, and provide the multi services with single plateform and support the all client's.


Our Multi-Services Platform, a flexible, high-density media resource platform with built-in signalling capabilities, is intended to make it easier for developers to launch new services rapidly and affordably.


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All of our customers can readily reach our team. We value every one of our customers and work hard to make sure that our goods are operating at their best. and offers a variety of tailored, specialised support and technical services to all of its clients.


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